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tia asked:

y do u all think sanjaya is a bad singer, and y do u think he is cute. he is nor cute niether he sings well, so y he is saved all the time in american idol??



what planet are you living on??? Sanjaya stays on because of a movement called vote for the WORST….an effort to mess with American Idol’s process of picking their ‘idol’. Also…people who are the same nationality as he, are voting JUST because he is who he is, and stupid teeny bopper girls are voting, because of how he is. The only way to counter act this is to vote as much as you can for all the rest of the people until he is gone, and THEN start voting only for your favorite(s)


Sanjaya Malakar is an awesome singer.If he wasn’t he wouldn’t be on the show. He happens to be my favorite contestant this season, and I tihnk people need to stop being so terrible and pathetic, saying he needs to be off because he’s terrible.He isnt terrible.I would like to see all the people that make fun of him go up there, do what he does, and get that far.


He is still in so that more people feel they should vote to get him out….. and meanwhile Guess Who makes all that much more money from the phone-ins.


Not everyone agrees. Most either love him or dont think he even deserves to be where is in. A lot of people do love him. He isnt the best singer but he does have talent! he is just got something about him! Hes gorgeous, a sweet heart, a baby doll, he has charm, charisma, a great personality. He has the “it” factor the judges are always talking about! It may be alot of the teens but their votes count. and teens do buy a lot of music!

Brent W

he was so much better in his audition. but, since he’s been on there from that point on, he hasn’t done as well. he is interesting to watch, but, he just doesn’t have the talent as most of the others on the show.

Krazy K

The producers are keeping him on for the ratings for the show? This is ludicrous!!! He is bringing lots of publicity and talk…and that’s exactly what they want!!! All those little girls, like the one crying on the show, are voting for him. Silly little girls going ga-ga over him and voting…. There so busy cring and screaming…. they can’t actually hear him “sing” If they would just stop all that nonsence and truely listen, their eardrums would burst and bleed. And realize that his presence in this competitioin is not deserved and is unWANTED!

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