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Juan F asked:

Has American idol turned into a personality/popularity competition? What do you think



I’d have to say so, although some, not many, but some are truly there to live their dreams, but to the other people, they honestly are just there for popularity, because just like a shot at love with Tila Tequila, the contestants were supposedly there for her heart, but in the end, it was for popularity, because now the losers on the show are pretty much famous and have their own show! It’s ridiculous.

If that’s what you were asking.


It’s a bit like that at times but not always. It seems to me that some people vote for a person based on the looks and not the singing. We need to remind ourselves that this is a singing competition and not who-is-better-looking competition. I still have faith in the voters but I think judges should be given some voting power as well. This is to ensure that the better singers will remain in competition

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