How can Simon Cowell be at the American Idol auditions and at the x-factor auditions at the same time?


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babykatie asked:

I was looking on the american idol website and the audition days are posted but then I looked at the x-factor audition dates and noticed that some of the dates run together. Like the american idol auditions will on the same day at the x-factor ones. How does he do both?



could be that maybe he does an audition in the morning for one and then in the afternoon or evening he goes to the other auditions


Well, fu3gogiiggl3sz, seeing as AI is in America, and X-Factor is in England, that might be kind of difficult.

I’m sure Simon is going to miss some of either auditions.
I did hear somewhere, that when his AI contract runs out, he’s not coming back. So I dunno. Maybe he’s starting to be less involved with AI.
We’ll just have to watch and find out.


Simon flies transatlantic back and forth every week from America to Britain and back. He’s an extremely busy man and very ambitious, very rich. His workaholic lifestyle is the reason why he’ll never marry and have kids.

He always seems to be on American Idol so I’m inclined to think that he may miss some audition dates on X-Factor. Assuming that these audition dates are real time and not the dates that they’re aired.

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