When do the American Idol contestants get to come back to their hometowns?


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With Love…Jessie♥ asked:

I remember that at a certain stage (like the top 3 or something) they bring the American Idol contestants to their hometowns and then show it in an episode. At what point in the show do they do this?
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the top 3 get to go to their hometowns or it may be the top four.i don’t think it will be next week but i think it will be in the next two or three weeks

Sheri S

When they get down to 3.


They get to return to their hometowns during top 3 week.


You guessed right! It’s The Top Three. At least that’s what they did in Seasons 6&7. Oh, and btw, I heard that there will only be 2 more seasons! They are stopping at 10, or at least that’s what I heard.

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