How do they screen for american idol auditions?


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katmaniac3 asked:

I know they can’t audition everyone that shows up for American Idol auditions, so I would like to know how they are screened.



They audition some people outside & if they’re good or funny enough they’ll let them go inside to the judges

Ramiele Malubay

The auditions are held in a giant stadium (I’ve sure you’ve seen those crowd shots). And that’s the VERY first audition. Then the producers see 5 people at a time and you only have 10 seconds to sing (Yes, 10 seconds).

Then the producers will be like, “You can go to the next round, not you, or you, but you can.” THEN, you audition at front of the executive producer a few weeks later and they will tell you if you can see the judges or not.

Then you see the judges and sing, and from there, you go to Hollywood or not.

researched it

Go early. Be prepared to make an impression in the first 10 seconds. People mill through the crowds and grab contestants to sing so people that showed up after you may get a shot to perform when you don’t. Of course, you could try to stand out so that you are one of the people grabbed out of the crowd. Just make sure that you can really sing.

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