What is the point of having American Idol if all of the runner ups get recording contracts too?


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CrazyCal asked:

The winner of American Idol every season gets a recording contract, but most of the runner ups get recording contracts too.
It doesn’t make sense. What is the point of it?



To make up for the injustices caused by ignorant people having the right to vote based on prejudices and teenage hormones rather than on talent.

Ashley D

high tv ratings for Fox, ryan seacrest gets a paycheck, and all the teenyboppers have something to squeel over for a couple months. thats pretty much it

DT [=

Good point.
Not sure..cause even others in the top 13 are going to make an album for sure..

I guess they all win in someway, but there is only one crowned an Idol, however they are all idols.


Good question…I’m not sure. I think the winner gets some extra cash and their fans get bragging rights.


Not all of them do. Only the good ones get signed after the tour. It’s a great launching pad for a lot of people. Like, Adam, Danny and Allison lost, but they will get signed because they can sing. Scott MacIntyre won’t because he can’t. The best singers get a lot of exposure and get seen by record execs.


The WHOLE competition is so that all of the really good singers can get discovered. For example. Look at Adam Lambert. You know that he’s gonna get a record contract. (He should have won) but he was so good. And he reached his goal. His goal was to become a star and he did.

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