How long will american idol go on?


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Ri(: asked:

I am very interested in trying out for american idol, but you have to be sixteen so i have to wait about two years, do you think it will still be going on? I just hope it doesn’t stop, what do you think?



Well their views when down from last season, so i say that it wouldnt be going on that long, but you never know.


for quite a long time. i love american idol


I think it will be around for years to come.

Have you thought about trying out for America’s Got Talent? there’s no age restrictions there.


it will probally be going on for a whille cause its number 1 show im america and but simon is gonna quit maybe in 2011


Hopefully it will still be on for years. I personally love it. American Idol breaks all age barriers. I wish you the best of luck! Follow your Dream!!


It will probably run through Season 9. After that, the judges’ contracts expire, and I’m fairly sure I remember Simon saying once his contract’s up, he won’t come back.

So if you’re going to try out, you should do it next season!

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