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kenzalishous_0370 asked:

what is this thing about sajyia, on american idol. i read in a magazine “is sajyia ruining american idol”. so i just want to know why all of this.



it’s cuz sanjaya sucks. I don’t like him with his hairdos and his singing .I like her sister much better.he shouldn’t have made it from the very begining

pssst i think sanjaya is gay


he just not a right person on american idol .he is not supposed to be there. he is a bad singer.

Lacey M

Sanjaya, that’s a funny subject! He’s not at all a good singer, it’s a popularity contest i guess. They got rid of good singers, & hes still there? Never thought American idol was rigged till this season. Sanjaya needs t go!


His name is Sanjaya. No, he’s not “ruining” AI. It’s just a lot of controversy about him. AI’s ratings are the highest ever.
BTW, I’m glad you can read, but perhaps you should learn how to spell and write a proper question.

Big Bertha

Sanjaya isnt ruining anything in fact he is giving the show more compotition and flavor i think all these people should shut there mouths if they were right then he wouldnt be on the show anymore!!!


first of all its sanjaya and he is not ruining american idol. people are voting for him, and thats how he is staying, its not his fault that people are voting for him, it is a show about people’s opinion, and he is very popular that is all that it is, he will ruin american idol if he becomes the american idol and gets signed to a recording deal though.

Noor A

he is ruining it. but when you kinda think of it, american idol will be boring without sanjaya. im not saying that i want sanjaya to win. cuz you know he cant sing. he has the ugliest hair. and thinks hes all that! but wont it be boring without him? cuz like when sanjaya will get out, simon will have no one to be mean to and its funny when simon makes all of these funny comments about sanjaya. and everyone is saying that if sanjaya wins american idol, simon will quit. is that true?


yes he is ruining the show but know he is finally gone now its time for the real competition . But if i was living in america and had a cell phone i would never vote for such and awful singer everybody got caught up on his hair and looks instead of of listening to the singing. Remember its a singing competition and not a fashion show.

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